What makes my uploaded files private?
Our platform is private by design and was built with a focus on privacy from day one. All uploaded files are visible only to you by default. We anonymize all information by removing metadata from your uploaded files (EXIF), renaming the files, and storing them so nobody (including us) could tell who they belong to and which files our users uploaded.
How secure is PhotoPrivacy.io?
The security of your files is our top priority. Your data is encrypted at all steps. All files are encrypted during the transfer time (HTTPS). We encrypt all files before saving them by using military-grade encryption algorithms (AES, RSA, Argon2) with battle-tested open-source tools. It essentially means that nobody else can see the content of your files, it is mathematically ensured.
What is the story behind PhotoPrivacy.io?
It all started with trying to solve our own needs. As parents, we always try to record and share how our kids grow with our relatives and friends who live all around the world. It was painful to send multiple photos individually via emails and messengers. And we didn't want to share everything on social networks for privacy reasons. We tried other options that either didn't allow sharing photos, specifying access permissions, exporting all original files, reduced the quality of the photos, used our images to train their machine learning systems or collect more information about us, etc. Initially, we built a photo hosting and sharing solution just for ourselves. Until we saw that other people experience the same issues. That's why we decided to build PhotoPrivacy.io to let other people like us to privately and securely store and share their photos.
How can I contact you?
You can reach out to us by sending an email to hello@photoprivacy.io. Participate by discussing or voting on our Roadmap board. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.